[Oberon] NO still lives a little bit

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Sun Nov 21 18:27:14 CET 2010

On Sun, 21 Nov 2010, Frans-Pieter Vonck wrote:

Hello Frans-Pieter ...

> Jan Verhoeven and I are trying to find out which oberon compiler is best
> for learning basic programming skills. He is looking into obc and I'm
> checking out NO on linux.
> Jan made a page on the gcd yesterday.
> http://verhoeven272.nl/cgi-bin/FS?fruttenboel%2Fobc&The+obc+Oberon+compiler&Top&triples&Content

Oh NO! You _know_ Jan V.? You're in _big_ trouble now! Interpol has
been looking for him for some time now. He likes nothing better than
to go to Belgium and drink that good (and cheap?) beer they are famous
for. There has been talk that he brings some back home in his laptop
cases - 5 or 6 of them - which all have BIG Mocka stickers on
them. The cops think that he is a coffee mfg representative. You hang
around _him_ too long, and it's more than Oberon and Modula that you
will be in trouble with. ;D maybe Les May can confirm that? I should
go on Google Maps, and plot where the Oberon hackers are
concentrated. I bet that there's a pile of trouble in the Low
Countries and the U.K. :) Of course those guys in Switzerland and
Germany, they all have had _too much_ Lowenbrau, a long time ago. They
just stare at their computer screens and ask, "WTF happened?" ;D

Seriously, for me it's a close race between "obc" and "oo2c". These
two compilers will work on almost all platforms. LNO is nice - but
you're stuck _in_ LNO. Learning Oberon in LNO, is learning to program
LNO - that's it! that's all! It's nice if you want to extend LNO -
which is cool too, if LNO satisfies all your needs.

POW is also very nice on XP - but I almost never boot into my XP
partition. I therefore have _zero_ security problems, etc. Too bad POW
is not available on *nix. BTW, Donald Daniel does a great job with his
great tutorial for Oberon, a la oo2c:


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