[Oberon] PlugIn Oberon for Windows

Alexander Iljin ajsoft at yandex.ru
Thu Nov 25 12:01:36 CET 2010


  I'm trying to run ETH PlugIn Oberon for Windows v2.5, downloaded
  from ftp://ftp.inf.ethz.ch/pub/ETHOberon/Win95NT/PlugIn/ :
  WinOberon.zip + WinOberonFix.zip
  Unfortunately, it randomly crashes on startup (more often than not).

  The included debugger shows that there is an "access violation"
  happening in (Win32.)Threads.CheckStacks. The same crash happens for
  v2.4 and for v2.5 without the *Fix.zip installed.

  It is likely that the problem stems from the "sp=0" value, possibly
  at the SYSTEM.GET(sp, p) call. If I'm correct, then the problem
  might be caused by Windows 7 permission issues in
  Kernel32.GetThreadContext call. That's just a wild guess, though,
  for I don't know how to check it. And it's strange that once out of
  10 tries the exception does not happen and the system runs normally.
  When it does crash, I see the main window appearing, maximizing
  itself, fully painting, and then Windows asks me if I'd like to
  report the bug to the developers.

  I'm running Windows 7 Professional.

  The Debugger's "Action - Show Trap" output:

Debugger started
Oberon ready
access violation

Threads.CheckStacks  PC = 5406
        bottom = 40960000
        cont = 0404D98H Ю
Џдъ.ontext (I5Lъ.ontext)
        p = 0
        sp = 0
        t = 01607A40H I5Lъ.э°@ (I5Lъ.hread)
Kernel.GC  PC = 4377
        excp = 0409438H I5Lъ.xcpFrm
        i = 0
        m = 00H (I5Lъ.oduleDesc)
        p = 4219104
        ptr = 0404E38H I5Lъ.xceptionRecord (I5Lъ.lockPtr)
        ptradr = 4200560
Oberon.GC  PC = 6411
        me = 01607CA0H I5Lъ.и% (I5Lъ.askDesc)
Oberon.OLoop  PC = 13214
        M = 0457558H I5Lъ.nputMsg
        V = 016A1660H I5Lъ.nputMsg (I5Lъ.iewerDesc)
        lastTask = 01607CA0H I5Lъ.и% (I5Lъ.askDesc)
        time = 1084556749
Threads.Wrapper  PC = 3780
        excp = 04044D8H I5Lъ.xcpFrm
        id = 3892
        par = 0
        pt = 00H (I5Lъ.hread)
        t = 01607A40H I5Lъ.э°@ (I5Lъ.hread)
        wrapper = Threads.Wrapper  PC = 3486
Unknown EIP = 077A21174H EBP = 0270FF94H
Unknown EIP = 0778DB3F5H EBP = 0270FFD4H
Unknown EIP = 0778DB3C8H EBP = 0270FFECH

  Is there a fix available? Is there anyone working feverishly on the

  Alternatively, what can I run if I don't want to reboot or install
  virtual machines? Can Aos run as a Windows 7 app?


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