[Oberon] testt

scruty at users.sourceforge.net scruty at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Nov 25 23:50:10 CET 2010

 > 	http://fruttenboel.verhoeven272.nl/obc/data/testt.tgz

 > Download it, unpack it and run the executable './testt'

here's result on UbUntU10.04

Runtime error: /usr/local/lib/obc/Files.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in module DynLink
In procedure DynLink.Load
    called from Files.%main
    called from MAIN

p.s.: just found out, OBC means Oxford Oberon-2 compiler.
is it worth trying?
what shall we do with byte code and why isn't the compiler written in O2?
Objective Caml with C for run-time-system, ... with dynamic translation to x86 machine code.

and I thought make it as simple as ...

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