[Oberon] ETH Oberon command-line compiler

Alexander Iljin ajsoft at yandex.ru
Thu Dec 2 15:15:40 CET 2010


  I'd like to announce that a command-line compiler project was
  recently published. Basically, it's the OP compiler from ETH Plugin
  Oberon for Windows Release 2.4 packaged as a command-line tool by
  Eugene Shcherbatyuk (I tried to contact him, but his e-mail address
  apparently now belongs to someone else). I got the package from
  Andras Pahi over 2.5 years ago, and it recently became interesting
  to me.

  I amended the package so that compiler can compile itself, fixed a
  couple of minor bugs and added/updated sample projects (Hello*). The
  build tool of choice is GNU Make, but simple bat-files are included
  as well if you don't have Make installed. If you do want to use Make
  you will also need the GNU tr utility for a successful build.
  Pre-built executables of the compiler and linker are included as

  I also added a linker option '/d' to output a list of project
  dependencies extracted from a given Link-file. This is used to
  automate building with Make.

  The project is hosted at GitHub, and the VCS of choice is Git.
  Project page: https://github.com/AlexIljin/OPCL
  Git link: git://github.com/AlexIljin/OPCL.git
  Git VCS: http://git-scm.com/

  I have some plans on udpating the project. One of the tasks is to
  update the compiler to its current state from the latest version of
  Plugin Oberon I got from Emil Zeller recently (add MMX/SSE/SSE2 and
  delegates). Suggestions and contributions are welcome, please, use
  this simple issue tracker:

  Also, if you have any questions about Git, the project, etc, please,
  don't hesitate to ask.


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