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>Suppose I want to make a database manager like dBase.
>Then I would need to be able to allocate random amounts of 
>memory and I would need pointers that can be incremented and 

You would only *need* to manually allocate random ('non-constant'?) amounts
of memory and *need* to manually increment and decrement pointers if you
only had access to assembly language or a language that didn't have the
higher-level language capabilities than Oberon has.

One approach to programming a database system in Oberon is given in a paper
presented at the Joint Modular Languages Conference in 1997.

"An Object-Oriented Database Programming Environment for Oberon"
J. Supcik, M. C. Norrie (ETH Zurich)

You can download a copy from:

However, in the real world a professional Oberon programmer is as likely to
do something like this as he is to write his own operating system for his
programs to run on. 

An example of how database programming can be done in Oberon is described by
Dr Josef Templ in an article titled "FFF97 - Oberon in the Real World". This
describes a database front end application written in Oberon that uses ODBC
to access an MS SQL Server database system. You can download a copy from the
'Project History' section of his website at:


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