[Oberon] User report on LNO

easlab-absa easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Apr 18 21:37:47 CEST 2011

On Sun, 17 Apr 2011, easlab-absa wrote:

> >
> > I'm writing this from LNO, which I got working again, after several
> > years.
> > [System.Time 15.04.2011 19:39:05
> > ETH Oberon / Linux Native 12.Jan.2002]
> [snip]
> > PS. writing this with ETHO was easy [hence the size];
> > but get it mailed via the abusive Wintel monopoly
> > constraints is Not easy.

Duke wrote:-
> Here's what the header of your message says:
> X-Mailer: Ximian Evolution 1.4.5 (1.4.5-7)
I took a while to work out your point.
Yes I WROTE 'that' mail in LNO.
Like now I'm WRITING with LEO.
Get it?
I d/l-ed your mail via LEO and used <select>  & `TextMail.Cite *` 

> and here I thought that you had cranked out such this nice message
> Multimail or some other Oberon OS hack. Actually, I was hoping that
> there was a long lost Oberon OS MUA that through your good graces ,
> was miraculously surfacing. :)

If you think in terms of "long last" you set yourself up for
disapointment like
I suffered.  We are NEVER finished paying the WinTel abusive
There is no LAST payment with the Mafia.

In 19xx when my ISP said Win3 would no longer suffice, and that I'd have
to buy W95, I said screw-you and looked to linux & ETHO.
I never succeeded with ETHO's Mail.Panel but I used `Mail.Send *'
and <mailReceive>  for several years. Then without notification my ISP
added mailSendAuthorisation which was standard for M$ and had been
added to most mail clients. So I had to hack <Mail.Mod> to make
EASMailTxAuth.Directory EASMailTxAuth.Show   EASMailTxAuth.Send *

NOW recently I discovered AGAIN that my emails were no getting,
delivered; but the worst part of it was that, since I had 2 mail
at my ISP, I used to Cc the <other one> as a confirmation.

Little did I relise that since the <other one> was in/on the <same
it didn't NEED <to get out> and need sendAuthorisation to be delivered
So now I send the Cc to my gmail address as confirmation.
Which is also problematic.

So now to mail this, I must,
1. paste this to /tmp/t17,
2. mark /tmp/t17,
3. EditTools.StoreUnix tmp17,
4. start <Ximian Evolution> garbage,
5. ...import..the text file /tmp/t17
6. bla..bla
Life is not easy.

You like most casual users, wrongly concentrate on what the
conputer does, rather that what YOU [the most important part]
does. It's the powerfull Human interface of ETHO that's important.

Let me give an example:
your post reminded me of Mail.Panel which I haven't seen for 
years; and I was wondering if it uses the same module/s which I
had to hack to get  CRGMailTxAuth.Send.

So  now RIGHT HERE in the middle of the email, I can examine
what modules Mail.Panel uses:
* klux Mail.Panel in a document = opens it,
* mark  the `Send *` [buttons],
=> Columbus.Inspect ~  == shows  'Mail.Send *'
So that means the Mail.Panel also uses the same module
which lacked SendAuthorisation capability.
Obviously I'm very annoyed that the ETHO mailer again fails my 
ISP's new requirements, and I'm not keen to hack it again.
Although I must admit, that I'm curious which of the several
sendAuthorisation protocols it NOW uses. So occasionally
I do a Telnet 'probe' to experiment. But all my 'research
documentation' re. mail sendAuthorisation is on N-O partitions.
Which is also why I was so enthusiastic to get LNO partly running;
because LNO can read the N-O partitions while I'm working 
under LEO.

LEO is much more convenient that LNO, having :
EditTools.OpenAscii ^  EditTools.OpenUnix ^
EditTools.StoreAscii *  EditTools.StoreUnix *

IIRC you were using LNO & I asked about the latest version and
got no reply. Perhaps that was during the period that I didn't
realise that my mails were failing.


==Chris Glur.

I't good that you mentioned 'Multimail'
PS. I'm editing this in <whatsItCalled>
I just switched back to LEO, and confirmed that Multimail doesn't
MultiMail.Send which unlike Mail.Send May have the sendAuthorisation
facility. BTW, what was YOUR problem/complaint with emailing?
BTW-BTW evidence that one is WRITING in <whatsItCalled>, and NOT
ETHO, is that <whatsItCalled> has a spell checker.
Sorry about the memory. I don't need it with ETHO, since everything
is 'linked',
PSS. what version of LNO do/did you use?
Do you have the problems that I described?
If not why didn't you provide feedback?
PSSS I've just tried MultiMail: it give admin probibit TOO.

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