[Oberon] ETHO miscl

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed Apr 27 02:58:22 CEST 2011

If I get the ETHO bounce-confirm from this [before I have to leave
tomorrow], it means that my old mailAuthPatch still works, and my 
gmail account is barring me.

Here's my trace [still left in the code as a mess, from ca. 2006] :--
send= 777
mailing250 HELP=  20
250 HELP=  31
334 VXNlcm5hbWU6=  94
334 <passwrd>=  94
235 Authentication succeeded=  94 <-- *!

Or possibly my ISP had changed the mailAuth protocol from
the single one: LOGIN;  which my patch handles. This chaos
all happened around the time of the Chinese reportedly hit
on google.

And these days google is no longer hitting me with:
<there seems to be a problem with your 'server' which 
is suspected of being infected with a denial of service virus, 
because your IP sends requests in rapid sucession, which
a good normal user using WinTel IE, and being hypnotised by
our dancing graphics couldn't do>.    So that I had to intersperse
my goog-fetches with other [time consuming] non-g-fetches in
my <list-of-to-be-fetched-URLs-by-lynx> for text only fetches.

And here's a quirky thing related to <being too fast> with a PC
that I rescued from the garbage about a decade ago, when
everybody was 'upgrading': --------
Newsgroups: comp.lang.pascal.misc, comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc
> I copied my TP7 directory to the Win7 thing, but I get: 
> error 200 divide by zero 
> when I compile/run the \examples\crtdemo.pas 
.. Sounds like you're using the Delay function which was 
software driven. Your PC maybe too fast. 
The offending code is used only to initialise the Delay function, 
which is part of the Crt unit. Since the Crt code is monolithic, 
putting the Crt unit in a uses statement causes the error. 
Of the machine is over about 200 MHz, the Delay function in the 
default Crt unit CANNOT be called. ----------end of extract.
Frans-Pieter wrote:
> Linux Oberon I did not try-out yet. However as I will attend the talk of
> Günter Feldmann http://www.oberonday2011.ethz.ch/talks/ it seems 

Previously Chris Burrows acknowledged the sublte and important fact
that after you've worked on a system for some time, you subconsciously
KNOW where the faults are, and you can no longer objectily test it.

A problem with LEO, which I work around by not switching to another
task, while LEO is fetching from Inet, might have a common-cause with 
the other <linux Oberon>: LNO; which I just recently rediscovered.
In LNO I lose keyboard input ability when I switch out to another task
[desktop, VT].
Of course it's more professional to use the existing linux MTA, than to
keep patching the ETHO code for the next mailSendAuthorisation
protocol. But configuring `sendmail` is evil punishment !
They've got a make file which manipulates the macro pre-processor,
which manipulates the configuration file!!  That's like tying your shoe
laces, wearing boxing-gloves and viewing via a mirror.

On the favourite topic of mine: 'splitting a task into independantly 
testable serially stages, I'd like to first confirm if I can get LEO to 
mail to my 'linux'.  I'm guessing that an Oberon.Text with 
	SMTP = ""	{* outgoing mail server *}
might do something.
==> "no connection"
Oh well perhaps Peter Easthope has research this.
Or Frans-Pieter can enquire at the oberonday talk


== Chris Glur

Oh don't forget to restore: Oberon.Text

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