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>I'm programming a lpc2138 development board in Oberon07 and I 
>would like to stick to programming in Oberon also at the desktop site.
>I've looked at alternatives.
>The rs232 libraries for XDS  I found are directly interfacing 
>to the windows api, which is a very difficult to understand. 
>Also the .Net version of Oberon, which should make things 
>easier is not giving me a good feeling.

Have you tried Component Pascal (CP) - either BlackBox or GPCP for .NET?
You'll find links to both here:


Despite the name CP is more or less a superset of Oberon-2 and we use it for
almost all of our Oberon-related desktop and web-based programming. Both
have RS232 modules that are easy to use. They are called CommV24 in Blackbox
and System.IO.Ports.SerialPort in .Net. We used both when developing
Astrobe's RS232 upload and terminal communication facilities, 


Chris Burrows
CFB Software
Astrobe v3.3: LPC2000 Oberon-07 Development System

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