[Oberon] ETHO to *nix MTA interface?

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Date:	Fri, 29 Apr 2011 15:00:31 +0200
> it details mostly just the 'configuration' for
> someone who already knows the principles.

OK, I'll be reviewing & improving the page.

> AFAIK, on *nix machines any one IP-port can communicate
> with any other active one, if the configuration allows?

What do you mean by IP-port?

The Internet has sockets.  
In the most common terminology,
  socket = ((IP address),(port number)).
Each protocol has a distinct port number as explained in 
the Wikipedia.  For example, a destination socket for SMTP 
might be ((,(25)).
A network adapter is configured in software as a network 

> So, for ETHO to communicate with the MTA, the ETHO 
> application would need to communicate with the ISO-stack. 

Are we discussing one machine or two machines?  Is ETHO 
running on a Linux machine which also runs an MTA?  Are 
ETHO and the MTA on separate machines?  In the second case, 
does "the MTA" belong to you?  Is it on your premises?  

> OTOH if I used a network-card, the appropriate ETHO
> facility [and presumably also for LEO] would communicate
> in tcp/ip ONLY at the output of the card.
> That's not what I need, for LEO to communicate with 
> the *nix MTA.

Why?  Ethernet is fast and supported by *nix and by ETHO.

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