[Oberon] Re. Degeneration via proprietry software

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed Jan 4 15:48:40 CET 2012

Chris Burrows wrote;
> Just guessing, but it reminds me of the Boyer-Moore fast string search
> algorithm. The time parameter is probably just a remnant from some
> performance checking runs.

Yes, even 
if difficult to understand.

The motive that led me to to this is directly related to how socio-economic
forces are killing technological advances:
Remember when you had to buy-the-next-6-issues to get that valuable
article?     http is worse, because they are trained in the same school.

Typically a 'book' may consist of 20 nodes/http-pages, where the TOC
and other redundant contents is repeated 20 times.

Several text-only-browsers can fetch and append the text-only, which
conveniently form the chapters of your book.  But you want to delete the
redundant garbage-wrapping, which swamps each fetched http-page.

It's bad enough having to pay to fetch the redundant text, but it's
infuriating [noise], to have to see it every time you read & refine
[eg. via colouring which ETHO does so well] your evolving book.

Under ETHO you [can] evolve/morph your 'books of knowledge' by 
eg. deleting and hi-liting ..etc. the text.
This mirrors the change in interconnections in your brain.
So, the ETHO intelligently coloured text evolves like a live brain.
For this you need a utility to <delete the redundant text-fetches>.
But ETHO's Search & Replace seem to handle too small a string.
Ideally the deleted garbage should be per-line.
I see good reason why *nix is line-based.
It's a pity that ETHO hasn't got more line-based utilities.
RX* is one that is line-based.

The concatinative programming style, where text is serially
filtered through <transformers> is powerfull and economical
in human effort; compared to ETHO style where procedures are
tangled/couple in complex/confusing ways.

Consider how conceptually simple the following is, compared to
an Oberon implimentation:-
GetAllFilesIn(dirX) |
LessThanDaysOld(N) |
WhichContainString(S1) |
WhichContainString(SN) |

== Chris Glur.

PS. LNO seems one way of getting ETHO on a netbook's
CF or stik, which has problem getting the full X system,
since it runs on a mere frame-buffer.
So far I don't know how/what determines if linux
gets /dev/fb*

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