[Oberon] Mail.GetUIDLs

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Wed Jan 18 01:38:37 CET 2012


I'm working on a problem with POP mail retrieval which surfaced during 
the weekend.  This question refers to ETH Oberon / PC Native 05.01.2003.
I haven't looked for the analogue in Aos but a similar concept must be there.

According to my understanding, the purpose of GetUIDLs is to retrieve a 
list of message UIDLs from a POP server; one UIDL per message.

	PROCEDURE GetUIDLs(S: NetTools.Session; VAR T: Texts.Text);
			F: Files.File;
			R: Files.Rider;
		SendCmd(S, "UIDL", "");
		IF ReadState(S) THEN
			F := Files.New(""); Files.Set(R, F, 0);
			ReadText(S, R);
			NEW(T); Texts.LoadAscii(T, F)
			T := NIL

Files.New("") creates an anonymous file.  What becomes of this file when 
GetUIDLs exits?  Why is the file involved rather than the data from Session 
put directly into T?

Thanks,                        ... Peter E.

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