[Oberon] Mail args wrongly changed during processing?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Jan 20 22:35:02 CET 2012

Perhaps I can benefit from collaborator's newly found familiarity
with Mail.Mod [where I don't find a LEO version right now].

Because in Africa, you always need a planB, I've got gmail, which
is inconvenient, since I've not learned how to access it other than 
via a monster-browser -- slowly.

My planC is worse, and I access it rarely: via telnet.

Since I've never suceeded with Mail.Panel before, I now
decided to try again [after a decade] for planC via Mail.Panel

Without going down to source-code level, I'm already confused:-

My <Trap Trace> is: ----------
Trap   5.7  (Index out of range)
sp =  BFF12DD4, bp =  BFF12DEC, pc =  082844D8

Mail.Append  @ 1168
	buffer	=  B774C478H	: 
	heap	= 	: Mail.Heap
	i	= 0
	idx	= 0
	index	=  B76BBE58H	: 
	j	= 0
	len	= 0
	str	= "crglur at gmail.com"
Mail.Insert  @ 1820  <-- stage N-1
	str	= "crglur at gmail.com"
Mail.AddMsgHead  @ 8997  <-- stage N-2
	str	= "crglur at gmail.com"
Mail.Synchronize  @ 11975  <-- stage N-3
user	= "0110246665 at neomail.co.za"   <-- PlanC !!
The Mail.Panel settings read
"Local Settings (override Oberon.Text)"

The trace for PROC Mail.Synchronize
has correctly accepted my new settings in Mail.Panel:
for neomail.

Yet, <neomail> changes to <gmail> further on ?!?

And Oberon.Text has no knowledge about "crglur at gmail.com"
>POP = "pop.absamail.co.za"	{* incoming mail server *}

So how/why does "crglur at gmail.com" get to replace
"0110246665 at neomail.co.za" ?

I vaguely remember that I use a separate directory, for my
second <absamail> userID, which uses a second Oberon.Text
But that's not where the ghost comes from.

Surely if PROC Mail.Synchronize has got the correct settings,
these should not change to other settings, further on.

Wouldn't you expect the arg to be accessed from *ONE* 
location and to be passed along without being changed?

If I could get a simple solution [without analysing the 
punishing Mail.Mod code] I could use my planC.

== TIA, Chris Glur.

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