[Oberon] Mail args wrongly changed during processing?

Jörg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Sat Jan 21 14:37:57 CET 2012


Mail.Panel is very old (approx 10 years or so). So, better use newer Oberon, AOS, A2... distros with things like IMAP and SSL.
To my knowledge, Mail.Panel does neither support SSL security feature nor IMAP. So, if the mail server wants you to use SSL, Mail.Panel is not the right tool for you.

Just for fun I downloaded UnixAos on my Mac and run the old Oberon system in it.
After I set all my parameters right, Mail.Panel worked like a charm.

To retrieve email with Mail.Panel, you need THREE things:
1) The POP server address (in my case "pop.bluewin.ch")
2) your username (in my case "joerg.straube")
3) your password (in my case "ABCDEF")

In Mail.Panel click on "Settings".
Under "POP Server" enter 1). Under "POP User" enter 2). "EMail Address" and "SMTP Server" is only needed to send mails
Close the Settings Panel

Right to word "Server" click on "Get". As Oberon (or better NetSystem) does not know the password for your mail server yet, you will get in System.Log a command like
    NetSystem.SetUser pop:joerg.straube at pop.bluewin.ch ~
Execute that command. You will then be prompted for a password. Enter it and hit return.
Your mails will be downloaded and the headers displayed in the Panel.
Double clicking on the header will open a new window with the mails content.

When reading your mail, it seems you have at least THREE different mail accounts:
  Address                    POP3 server             Username
  crglur at gmail.com           pop.googlemail.com      crglur
  0110246665 at neomail.co.za   mail.neomail.co.za      0110246665
  ???                        pop3.absamail.co.za     ??

Google uses SSL, so Mail.Panel won't work. Don't know if SSL is needed to access neomail or absamail, but you should know.


On 20.01.2012, at 01:00, Chris Glur wrote:

> Perhaps I can benefit from collaborator's newly found familiarity
> with Mail.Mod [where I don't find a LEO version right now].
> Because in Africa, you always need a planB, I've got gmail, which
> is inconvenient, since I've not learned how to access it other than 
> via a monster-browser -- slowly.
> My planC is worse, and I access it rarely: via telnet.
> Since I've never suceeded with Mail.Panel before, I now
> decided to try again [after a decade] for planC via Mail.Panel
> Without going down to source-code level, I'm already confused:-
> My <Trap Trace> is: ----------
> Trap   5.7  (Index out of range)
> sp =  BFF12DD4, bp =  BFF12DEC, pc =  082844D8
> Mail.Append  @ 1168
> 	buffer	=  B774C478H	: 
> 	heap	= 	: Mail.Heap
> 	i	= 0
> 	idx	= 0
> 	index	=  B76BBE58H	: 
> 	j	= 0
> 	len	= 0
> 	str	= "crglur at gmail.com"
> Mail.Insert  @ 1820  <-- stage N-1
> ..
> 	str	= "crglur at gmail.com"
> Mail.AddMsgHead  @ 8997  <-- stage N-2
> ..
> 	str	= "crglur at gmail.com"
> Mail.Synchronize  @ 11975  <-- stage N-3
> ..
> user	= "0110246665 at neomail.co.za"   <-- PlanC !!
> ..
> ---------
> The Mail.Panel settings read
> "Local Settings (override Oberon.Text)"
> The trace for PROC Mail.Synchronize
> has correctly accepted my new settings in Mail.Panel:
> for neomail.
> Yet, <neomail> changes to <gmail> further on ?!?
> And Oberon.Text has no knowledge about "crglur at gmail.com"
>> POP = "pop.absamail.co.za"	{* incoming mail server *}
> So how/why does "crglur at gmail.com" get to replace
> "0110246665 at neomail.co.za" ?
> I vaguely remember that I use a separate directory, for my
> second <absamail> userID, which uses a second Oberon.Text
> But that's not where the ghost comes from.
> ---------
> Surely if PROC Mail.Synchronize has got the correct settings,
> these should not change to other settings, further on.
> Wouldn't you expect the arg to be accessed from *ONE* 
> location and to be passed along without being changed?
> If I could get a simple solution [without analysing the 
> punishing Mail.Mod code] I could use my planC.
> == TIA, Chris Glur.
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