[Oberon] Mail args wrongly changed during processing?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Jan 24 05:50:34 CET 2012

Joerg wrote:-
> To retrieve email with Mail.Panel, you need THREE things:
> 1) The POP server address (in my case "pop.bluewin.ch")
> 2) your username (in my case "joerg.straube")
> 3) your password (in my case "ABCDEF")
> Right to word "Server" click on "Get". As Oberon (or better NetSystem) 
> does not know the password for your mail server yet, you will get in 
> System.Log a command like
>     NetSystem.SetUser pop:joerg.straube at pop.bluewin.ch ~

>From memory: the `NetSystem.SetUser` uses "@" as an argument-separator,
whereas "@" is part of my username.
This design flaw was extensively discussed in the previous millenium.
And I've got special work-around-code from P.Easthope, for it.

-> System.Directory *Mail*\d == ...
Mail.Obj     12.11.2002 18:27:36    79362
TextMail.Obj     12.11.2002 18:27:43    20099

At more than 3 times the size of TextMail, Mail is a disaster.
> Mail.Panel is very old (approx 10 years or so). So, better use newer 
> Oberon, AOS, A2... distros with things like IMAP and SSL.

Can A2 do:
d/l a 84 page *pdf,
convert, eg. like standard `pdf2txt`,
view the *pdf and Aos <textFile> TOGETHER on screen,
   in order to edit the AosFile, for line-len etc. differences,
and while edit/checking the AosFile, intelligently colour the
   text, to add extra 'knowledge' to the text,
and extract, perhaps by <screen capture> any graphical
   image from the *.pdf,
and insert this to the AosFile/Gadget/Document,
  which can in future be instantly loaded and 'evolved'
 by re-editing, 
and from which eg. text can directly be copyPasted to email ??

== Chris Glur.

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