[Oberon] How's your mouse-mileage?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Jan 24 23:26:01 CET 2012

It seems as if I had previously failed to mail this?

Is it the Chinese quality, or why do my optical mice get
contact-bounce long before the old mechanical devices did.

Since the mouse is so central to ETHO, the optical mouse is
a great advantage. Being isolated, I know mostly only what I can
read from inet: IMO mobile computing and touch screens are 
only for casual use, for the simple fact that the human body needs
to sit at a work bench, to acomplish(sp?) hours of sustained
work.  So the optical mouse puts ETHO even more in the
productivety lead, with it's unsurpassed heads-up working

The technological advance that seems to be taking too long
is the move towards low-power-consumption CPUs like ARM
which is already decades old.  Since ARM is well matured,
it's got linux tool chain/S and Oberon. But can ETHO be easily
ported to the ARM?

I've been watching the OneLaptopPerChild project for years,
and can't understand why, only now are they talking about
going from x86 to ARM.  It was obvious from the start that for
remote rural [school] usage, minimal power consumption was
key, and schemes of hand-cranked generators ..etc. are absurd
since such mechanical technology will remain expensive;
I.e. doesn't follow Moore's law. You can 'grow silicon, like 
bananas', but not shafts and bearings.

LNO & LEO boot 'instantaneously' [I've only booted N-O from
fd0] which is also important for mobile and low-power
consumption users. Of course it doesn't help much,
since linux [for LNO & LEO] takes nearly as long as WinZ
to boot.

I've just realised that if ARM runs proper linux, it MUST run
LEO & LNO !?

Who did the Chinese-script for BB/A2 ?

== Chris Glur.

PS. It seems that the WinTel monopoly is being broken
by android: *nix + ARM.

Amazing that it took so long.

I previously used to boot N-O from fd0, which gave me time
to <interrupt via the shift-key>. Now I'd like to use this
method to debug/adjust LNO, but it boots instantaniously.
What should I do?

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