[Oberon] Is this the smallest Oberon (program) platform to date?

Chris Burrows chris at cfbsoftware.com
Sun Jan 29 06:36:22 CET 2012

I've been following the recent discussions here on ARM-based hardware with
great interest. 

As many of you would know, we have been using the Oberon programming
language for the last couple of years to develop embedded software on the
older ARM7 family of microcontrollers. Having spent the last few months
rewriting the code generator of the compiler we succeeded for the first time
yesterday in executing an Oberon (Sep 2011 Revision) program on one of newer
generation ARM Cortex-M3 MCUs.

The Embedded Artists LPC1343 development board that we used can be seen in
the photo:


This may well be the smallest (at 2cm x 4cm) dev board that an Oberon
program has ever run on, and possibly the cheapest (EU 16.90)? More details
can be seen on the Embedded Artists website:


One particularly interesting feature of the LPC1343 MCU is that when you
plug it into a PC's USB port it appears as a 'flash drive' on your PC. After
you have compiled and linked your program on the PC, all you have to do is
'drag and drop' it to the drive to upload your program to the flash memory
of the MCU,


Chris Burrows
CFB Software
Astrobe: ARM Oberon Development System

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