[Oberon] Visibility of Oberon - was: Viability of A2 & ARM?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Jan 28 13:20:06 CET 2012

Bernhard Treutwein wrote:-
> The difference is in the culture. 
Yes it's 'cultural' [socio-economically] determined; not based on

> In Europe, universities  perform 
> academic research. In most cases, there is only and what happened in 
> Russia? There is quite some activity there with Wirth languages, e.g. see 
> http://oberoncore.ru I do not really understand, why M2 & Oberon gained 
> momentum in the east, but not in the West .

It would be more accurate to say that the G7's decision IS based on
momentum/inertia.  As a previous writer told <his clients must 
consider M$ may make in future, so that he is not stranded with
systems that no longer function>.

Russia hasn't got the 'baggage' and can evaluate the choices
on a technical basis. Unfortunately 'human factors' are the 
most important. Just consider what a disaster it is, when some
of your keyboard keys are moved.
<the blog> said:
]I am almost sure that you can tweak System->Configuration to start that 
]instead More Info can be found in Andre Fischers A2 User Guide (page 66 of 

How would I cutNpaste from the *.pdf to communicate via email or USEnet
etc., like I can with N-O of the 90's?

== Chris Glur.

PS. can A2 for linux read the 'old N-O disk partitions'?
LNO is problematic, in several ways.

Is there a USEnet <android> group/s?
It seems that *nix/android may crowd-out Windows.

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