[Oberon] Oberon Digest, Vol 104, Issue 2

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 16:47:22 CET 2012

} WTF *is* LEO anyway!!  You've been throwing that out for years now,
} and nobody knows WTF you're talking about!!!

Truthfully I don't exactly KNOW what it is.
And in computing we work with EXACT.
I could say "it's one of the few Linux implementaions of ETHO".
But repeatedly I've re-started a LEO, to get the official [exact to the bit];
which I've pasted to this mail-list, which I'll now do AGAIN :--
====>  ETH Oberon (2.4.3) for Linux x86  <=== This is it.

BTW, just to give an idea how LEO integrates into Linux, to email the
above line,
I needed to:
* switch to a new consol and launch a new LEO, because only a newly launched
   LEO show its banner/full-official-name;
* in LEO p1<insert> [3 keystrokes] brings up a scratchpad-file for communicating
   between LEO and linux. Of course LEO can read/write *nix & DOS
files directly.
   BTW I never got LNO's clipboard to work.
* because of my failed-state smtp, I can only mail via hatefull/dumb gmail, so
 to paste to gmail, LEO's official/exact name must first go to a linux file.

So there's a lot of annoying switching between LEOs and Linux:Apps, and a snappy
VNC-type, which would allow you to paste eg. between `linux:links:gmail` and
ETHO files, on the same screen, would drastically reduce the mental-load.

}You got a URL for more info on this LEO of yours??

It was one of the few ETHO family, listed on the ETH-inet-list.

  On 12/4/12, Fyodor Tkachov <ftkachov at ms2.inr.ac.ru> wrote:
}Your message 'Re: [Oberon] Inron task server vs._VNC.' dated 2012-12-04 a
} 03:24 was received.

I have to PAY to go on-line to receive each ONE gmail.
Please don't send emails that have NO CONTENTS.

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