[Oberon] Re (2): Oberon Digest, Vol 104, Issue 2

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 21:32:19 CET 2012

peasthope at shaw.ca  wrote:--
> My most recent foray was to put UnixAos on the OLPC XO-1.5.
> On the little screen, text is too small to read.  Next I can install
> it natively and try increasing the font size system wide.

Most linux: X can step the global-magnification.
What WinManager do you use with Debian?
I've moved from the RedHat-family [Mandrake, FedoraCore]
back to Slackware, and blackbox/fluxbox is beutifully compact
and fast compared to the default KDE-4, which is a monster.

I'm expecting to receive 2 Raspberry Pi soon; one with the
default Debian installed.    But if can't install the superior
text editor/s of ETHO, the system is half-lame for me.

> Apart from support for USB and better networking capabilities,
> what are the most significant advantages of AOS over NO in
> your view?

That's exactly the RIGHT question to ask.

I've got a 500GB Toshiba USB2/3   /dev/sda for backup.

Right now I'm in LEO, editing your Mail.Text which I received via
the same old familiar ETHO: TextMail utility from the 90's.
LEO has the old look & feel.

The main difference is that LEO handles full PATH designated files.
So that eg:
EditTools.OpenUnix /mnt/toshiba/usr/local/speech_tools/config.log
opens an ETHO TextFrame with the file on the Toshiba-USB-drive.
I don't know how. But I suspect that LEO just <hooks into some linux

Remember *nix is magic.
So imagine what it's like having multiple N-O terminals,
where EACH one can access all the files that *nix can access,
and in 3 formats: ETHO, *nix, DOS.

One advantage of opening LEOs in differnt dirs, is that if
you want to work on 4 texts in that DIR, eg:
->System.Directory /mnt/toshiba/usr/local/speech_tools/*

These are inconvenient long-path-names, because I'm
accessing them from:
-> System.CurrentDirectory =`pwd` which is: /usr/local/bin/LEO

But if I opened a new LEO, in /mnt/toshiba/usr/local/speech_tools/
then the filenames would be more managable as:
configure.in  install-sh   HelloTst.cc   config.status

Besides if you're working on 6 projects, each in their own dir-tree,
it's better to have a separate LEO for each project, based in the
relevant dir-tree.

So I use LEO to do a lot of my linux work.

Could your substitute for VNC allow direct pasting from a `man`
to an ETHO-text, like this  Mail.Text?

And can A4 do so?

== Chris Glur.

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