[Oberon] A4 ? was: Re (2): Oberon Digest, Vol 104, Issue 2

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Tue Dec 11 18:49:22 CET 2012

  Who knows Clocks.ShowAlarms ?

Jan Verhoeven wrote:-
> Linux Extended Oberon might be something but what IS it?

Can we assume that readers of this forum, know what ETHO is?
New ETHO-like LEOs can be launched in 1 second, in any/multiple
X-console; and conveniently relative to THAT consol's PATH if needed.

The following demo shows that/how it has the same look&feel as ETHO.

Yes LEO is broken too, but I forgot to keep noticing that.

And I was thinking about some commands of ETHO which wouldn't
make sense for LEO, so I tried:  [this is a trace in LEO]
-> System.Watch ==
heap size: 5398336 bytes
allocated: 3377872
available: 2020464
largest free block: 2147483647
open file(s): 18

-> System.ShowTasks ==
Oberon.GC  safe  339398227 waiting 41 s
Clocks.AlarmTask  safe  339357433 waiting 372 ms

=?=> what's Clocks.AlarmTask ??
==> Let's list the Clocks commands
-> Watson.ShowDef  Clocks.  == ...
 PROCEDURE ShowAlarms (enum: EnumAlarmHandler);
What's this?  Can I set an alarm?  Where/how will it 'sound'?
-> System.Directory Clocks.*\d  ==
/mnt/hdc6/home/oberon/obj/Clocks.Obj     12.11.2002 18:27:27    14551
==> So it's been in use for ten years!
And is still accessed from a partition which is seldom otherwise needed.
ie. "/mnt/hdc6/"
But there's no Clocks.Mod
So let's switch to LNO [you know what that is?] and see if the old:N-O
partition/s have got the source:Clocks.Mod , to see what it does.

Switching to LNO, which runs nicely in non-X:console in a FrameBuffer,
like the old DOSbasedNative did, and saving the LNO search results to
which can then be accessed by LEO  [both using ETHO format] we see:

==> Let's see what LNO knows about Clocks.*
System.Directory  Clock*\d  ==
DST:Clocks.Obj  11.10.2001 20:18:02   14578 <-- vs:LEO 14551
Almost identical size to  LEO's.

Watson.ShowDef Clock* ==
Oberon.Text - Gadgets.Aliases not found
Oberon.Text - Gadgets.Documents not found
Oberon.Text - Gadgets.DocumentServices not found
Watson 1.7 / PS January 95
no information about 'Clock' available
==> Looks as if LNO is not setup for Watson?
==> Lets mount the partition of *.Mod to see Clocks.Mod
<that needs a few steps>
-> System.Directory SrcModls:Cl* == null

Now save the log of the LNO work, so that LEO can
read it and write it to a Linux format file to paste to gmail,
because my ISP won't smtp except for direct dial-in,
and gmail needs linux, because ETHO seems not to have https.

Save to "/mnt/p3/usr/local/LNO-FB/X"

That's the common file that I use to talk between: LNO<->LEO
NB. when I was installing LNO, I chose a bad PATHname,
with the "-" char, which is 'illegal' in an ETHO fileName
------------ end of: "/mnt/p3/usr/local/LNO-FB/X"

== Chris Glur.
PS. I hate this gmail. Let's hope it mails

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