[Oberon] Help in using an Oberon systems.

Bob Walkden bob at web-options.com
Fri Dec 14 00:26:25 CET 2012

> From: Nemo [mailto:cym224 at gmail.com]
> On 12 December 2012 15:14, Bob Walkden <bob at web-options.com> wrote (in
> part):
> > The book which tells you about the basic Oberon system and how to use
> > it is "The Oberon System: User Guide and Programmer's Manual " by
> Martin Reiser.
> > This is what I used when I first started, at about the time the book
> > was published.
> >
> > Programming is described in "Programming in Oberon: Steps Beyond
> > Pascal and Modula" by Reiser and Niklaus Wirth, who designed and
> wrote
> > the system with Prof. Gutknecht.
> Has anyone read "Oberon Companion: A Guide to Using and Programming
> Oberon System 3" by Fisher and Marais?  (I do not have a copy and am
> curious.)

Yes, I have a copy of it, and have read most of it I think, and made use of
much of it, but not in a professional capacity. I use the Wirthian stuff to
help keep me sane, to refresh my perspective, and to help keep things
simple. Professionally I have always worked in commercial IT so have always
used mainstream products, except for a brief interlude in the early 90s when
I wrote a large-ish system in Modula-2.

The thing about Gadgets (and Aos) is that it feels like an attempt to build
yet another GUI that's essentially the same as Windows and the rest, which
is not very interesting. The original Oberon concept was very different, and
still stands apart from everything I've used with the possible exception of


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