[Oberon] Help in using an Oberon systems.

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 12:42:08 CET 2012

>Has anyone read "Oberon Companion: A Guide to Using and Programming Oberon
>System 3" by Fisher and Marais?  (I do not have a copy and am curious.)

More important than the answer, is the method of geting it.
=> Isn't Oberon Companion: connected with the supplied *.Text
-> System.Directory *.Text
NB. you don't need to type in those 23 chars.
You've got a menu for it. Or your menu should have 'System.Directory ^'
So MiddleMouse on 'System.Directory' gives you:-
=> The string "ompanion" might be in the first chapter,
One klux opens the TextFrame of Chapter0.Text
 and 'wipe/select "ompanion" where you see it on the screen,
 like I see it now, from your email,
 and klux the [Search] button of the Chapter0.Text:TextFrame
 and see:
 The Oberon Companion
A Guide to Using and Programming Oberon System 3

Jan Verhoeven wrote:-
> The source for Oberon0 is very hard to get.... I never laid my hands
> on it. There is the Oberon0 that copmes with "Compiler Construction"
> but it is different from the Oberon0 that was used for the Oberon0 boot
> disk of Native Oberon.
That's right, I was wanting to look for some source code and didn't how where.
Eg. I'd like to understand how LEO communicates with linux, when linux
connects to the internet. With the original N-O, you could trace the
causation right down to the serial port driving your modem.
== I forgot to point out that <Companion book> COMES with the system.

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