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> > Yes, absolutely correct, it is contained in the Docu.zip located at
> > ftp://ftp.ethoberon.ethz.ch/ETHOberon/Native/Update/Alpha
> Should be on the Web. A wiki document even.  Of course, cooperation of
> the copyright holder is necessary.  Last time I looked, ETH was selling it
> on a CD.

Thank you to Nemo, Bernhard and Peter etc. for reminding me about this book
- I have been meaning to get a copy for some time now to add to my
collection. There is a pdf copy on the Web but I very much suspect it is an
unauthorised copy. However, I still much prefer to read printed books rather
than on-screen documents for this sort of material. I downloaded it just to
confirm that it was worth purchasing and have now ordered a new copy of the
book from the German Amazon site. (At least I hope I did as I had to use
Google translate to navigate the site!) 

@Peter: I don't recall ETH selling the *book* on a CD if that is what you
meant. The printed book does include "A CD-ROM with Windows 95/NT, Linux,
PowerMac, 68K Mac, and Native PC implementations of the system" - maybe that
was what you were thinking of?


> There have been annual Oberon meetings at ETHZ.  Perhaps someone can try
> to raise the question with an authority at the next meeting.

Are you referring to the Oberon Day events? They are not that frequent - the
most recent ones were in 2004, 2007 and 2011. If there are some other annual
meetings I would be very interested to hear about them.

> I'm unlikely to attend due to cost and principle of minimal carbon
> footprint;  but many readers attend and have an interest.  

It is a real shame that you have been unable to attend as you apparently
have a keen interest in Oberon. I went to the last two events and was really
envious of those who live so much closer to Zurich than we do here in
Australia. It was just fantastic being able to catch up with so many
like-minded people (many of whom I felt I already knew from the email and
various forum discussions over the past 20+ years) - I would not have missed
it for the world,


Chris Burrows
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