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Sat Dec 15 03:23:46 CET 2012

From:	Chris Burrows <chris at cfbsoftware.com>
Date:	Sat, 15 Dec 2012 11:58:43 +1030
> I don't recall ETH selling the *book* on a CD if that is what you
> meant. The printed book does include "A CD-ROM with Windows 95/NT, Linux,
> PowerMac, 68K Mac, and Native PC implementations of the system" - maybe that
> was what you were thinking of?

Correct.  I looked again and, yes, my recollection was faulty. 
 http://www.ethoberon.ethz.ch/books.html#Wir96a has reference [FiM98].  
The link is to http://www.vdf.ethz.ch/vdf.asp?isbnNr=2493 which offers 
the book "mit CD-ROM".  Not the CD alone.

> Are you referring to the Oberon Day events? They are not that frequent - the
> most recent ones were in 2004, 2007 and 2011. 

Yes, Oberon Day.  Again, my recollection was distorted.

> If there are some other annual
> meetings I would be very interested to hear about them.

Not that I know of.

> It is a real shame that you have been unable to attend ...

In principle, attendance is possible, burning several times 
my weight in jet fuel for transportation.  And being concerned 
with such esoteric topics as efficiency, my budget is always 
quite limited.

> It was just fantastic being able to catch up with so many
> like-minded people (many of whom I felt I already knew from the email and
> various forum discussions over the past 20+ years)

Email is a good substitute for being there and I got sound 
from some of the movies from the last meeting.

Regards,            ... Peter E.

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