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Mon Dec 17 14:58:00 CET 2012

Perhaps I should admit that in my effort to escape the abusive WinTel monopoly,
I'm most concerned to save ETHO's TUI. So it's the TUI which I hope to port to
ARM. Not that following-the-herd is advised, but I read that more Android-Arms
are being produced than Win-Tels.

That the TUI was successfully ported to LNO, LEO, DOSbased..etc, and V4 is good;
[all x86] doesn't seem to prove that porting to ARM is easy. Also these days,
you can't live without USB, and as Chris Burrows points out that's very complex.
So if we can use the same trick as LEO: port the TUI to existing *nix/ARM, we
get all the existing drivers.

 <peasthope at shaw.ca & chris at cfbsoftware.com> wrote:-
> The source of the kernel of Standalone Native Oberon is not available but
> the rest is there. The following are extracts from the readme file of ETH
> Native Oberon System 3 Release 2.3.6 (Stand-alone):

|Release 2.3.6 was 1999-05-13.  In Alpha, dated 2003-01-05, which is.
|running here, these are the first 12 lines of SYS:Native.Tool as plain text...
|Notice Kernel.Mod on the 12th lne.  To see colors and links, open.
|SYS:Native.Tool on your system.
|ETH Oberon / PC Native Build Tool
|Package: [ System | Gadgets | Apps | Documentation | Build | Lab |
Eamon | Tutorials
|Index: [ Generate | Build | Upload | Compiler | Backup | Web | Link kernel ]
|-- Generate Release.Tool --
|COMPILER "Compiler.Compile \s.Obj" OBJ "Obj" PRIVATEARC "SourceP.zip"
|# Basic Oberon System 3.  Editing/Compiling Oberon code and texts.
Fits on installat
|PACKAGE System ARCHIVE "System.zip" SOURCE "Source1.zip"
|Kernel.Mod Disks.Mod OFS.Mod OFSDiskVolumes.Mod OFSN2KFiles.Mod <------># Inn
|And here are the first 9 lines of SYS:Kernel.Mod.
|(* ETH Oberon, Copyright 1990-2003 Computer Systems Institute, ETH
Zurich, CH-8092 Zu
|Refer to the license.txt file provided with this distribution. *)

Well, I didn't find any of Release.Tool  Native.Tool  Release.Tool
on any of my old N-O partitions, but I found Chapter7.Text which is missing
from LEO: == Chapter Seven
Oberon X
7.1     Introduction
Mathematics and scientific calculations often use operators in conjunction ...

How much effort is required to port the TUI to ARM?
Can we collaborate to do so?
Probably not, since even previous TUI users have lapsed into using WinTel.
If the tasks they are doing are not difficult enough, they can just use Wintel.

Perhaps I'd better ask the <arm.USEnetters> if wily has been ported?

== Chris Glur.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks good/interesting!!  Peter E. wrote:-
In Alpha, creating a fresh Oberon0 diskette with support for CF is a
simple exercise,
thanks to instructions from Josef Sedlacek...
Click here.  Desktops.OpenDoc ""
And here.  Desktops.OpenDoc ""
And continue with more clicks therein.

Analogous modifications can be developed to add support for other hardware to

PS. the complexity/chaos of this post demonstrates the need for a TUI which can
handle multiple text-files on the same screenview.

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