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Mon Dec 17 23:35:37 CET 2012

Oleg N. Cher wrote:-
> If I like the develop my solutions in Oberon, Oberon-2 or Component
> Pascal, I found suitable development tools, compilers and translators,
> for example here are my projects:
> The crossplatform tool for Win32/64, Linux x86-32/x86-64, etc:
> https://github.com/Oleg-N-Cher/MakeZX/
> Written in Oberon-2 and translated to C by Ofront..

You are all solving the wrong/1960's problem.
It's not about bytes. It's about human mental load.
Do you want to burden your brain with masses of arbitrary info, or do you want
to just look at a menu and recognise and say "gimme that1, that2, that3 ..."

Oberon-2 translated to C is an example of giving the human the clean regular
interface to work with, and then letting the dirty C work in the background.
OTOH tools to 'port' the mass of C utilities to Oberon would be valuable.
Of course C-to-Oberon translation is not possible, since C is a <inconsistent>.
Oberon-to-C can be seen as ArtificialIntelligence, but C-to-Oberon would be via
an ExpertSystem, ie. that *helps* the human -- like google.

The ETHO-TUI that "helps the human" to fly instead of crawl is what we need.
I've got it now. But I want it to be independant of WinTel.

Jan Verhoeven wrote:-
|> Oberon programs on systems with as little as a total of 8K of RAM for
|> data and 32K of Flash ROM for storing their programs. However, these
|> are the sorts of application areas where Oberon really excels.
|An ARM Cortex system cannot be compared to what Les is talking about....
|I think Les means systems on the scale of PIC and AVR processors. Really
|small processors, not CISC processors marketed under a RISC flag.
> As you can see the actual code size is only 192 *BYTES*
| For blinking a LED that is HUGE. In a PIC that would require something
| like 10 to 15 (10 bit) code words
Yes, we're all talking about different things: bicycles, trucks & airliners.
More important than bytes is wattage.
How's wireless/Zigbee these days?.
Someone was asking about 250 devices which can transmit info around a big.
building, without being connected to wiring, at a low data rate, possibly
by all coming-live periodically, between sleeps. Network like.
fireweaver wrote:-
> Addressing the lack of compilers for Oberon -
 There's no lack.
> would it make any sense to write an Oberon front-end for the GCC compiler?
> Considering that GCC can be had for just about any hardware / operating
> system imaginable, it seems to me that this would be a way to go.
> Maybe there's intellectual property issues that I don't know about or
> some other objection, what's your take?

Little extra value could be added to the existing Modula compiler.
But yes, the idea is to take something that exists already and leaverage its
value, but combining it with something else, which is what LEO achieved:.
linux got more valuable and ETHO more valuable too.

== Chris Glur.

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