[Oberon] Current Oberon System

Treutwein Bernhard Bernhard.Treutwein at Verwaltung.Uni-Muenchen.DE
Thu Dec 20 14:14:14 CET 2012

fireweaver wrote on Mo 17.12.2012 20:36:

>Question from a lurker:  Addressing the lack of compilers for Oberon -
>would it make any sense to write an Oberon front-end

Sure it would make sense

and Jan Verhoeven wrote on Mo 17.12.2012 20:41:

>Search the net foor 'oo2c'

Better link http://sourceforge.net/projects/ooc/?source=directory

But that project is kind of orphaned and seeks new blood ...

It compiles Oberon-2 to C (in a difficult form) and from there
to object code. I think it would be very interesting to modify 
its front end to go directly to gcc's intermediate code the 
register transfer language (RTL) and to integrate it completely
into the compiler collection as has been done for Modula-2 by
Gaius Mulley. 

The above mentioned documentation for OOC is not for the current 
release 2.1.11 but for an older one 1.5.1. Anything newer must
be fished for ...


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