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> Dear All,
> Is there a source code navigator for Oberon .Mod files?
> Like, source-navigator available on Windows/Linux for C/C++ code.

Yes indeed! Both of our IDEs - 

CPIde (for Gardens Point Component Pascal):


and Astrobe:


have the following features:

* Automatically generated indexed list of procedures and imports:

Click on a procedure name to position the editor at that procedure; click on
an import name to open the source code for that import.

* Automatic syntax-colouring as you type.

* Automatic upper-case conversion of keywords as you type (my pinkies are
wasting away!)

I use them both a lot when studying / navigating Oberon .Mod files - you
just need to strip of the two or three lines of header information when so
they become normal text files.

BlackBox Component Builder also has built-in navigation features (and a
whole lot more!):


Users have also developed add-ons for additional features. E.g.

(As described here recently, BlackBox has built-in support for ETH Oberon


I haven't used it recently but AFAIR the PET Oberon editor in AOS / A2 has
similar capabilities


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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