[Oberon] Amiga OS and Oberon

Oleg N. Cher allot at bk.ru
Wed Jan 30 23:35:52 CET 2013

Hi Srinivas,

I haven't experience in development in Oberon for Amiga/AmigaOS,
but I know there was exists Amiga Modula & Oberon Klub (AMOK)
that has produced a series of disks (over 100 of them) which
contain Modula-2 and Oberon-2 source code for Amiga. It was
published and available. I hope it will be interesting for you.


Srinivas Nayak wrote:

> Dear All,
> My recent discovery is another small nice OS, AmigaOS, that existed near 
> around the same time with Oberon OS.
> How it compares with Oberon?
> Surprisingly, I found a page
> http://oldwww.nvg.ntnu.no/amiga/amigafaq/AmigaFAQ_25.html
> saying that, Oberon and Oberon-2 compilers were available on AmigaOS!
> Anybody in this group has experience with AmigaOS?
> With thanks and best regards,
> Yours sincerely,
> Srinivas Nayak

Oleg N. Cher
VEDAsoft Oberon Club

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