[Oberon] Two questions about ETH Oberon (PlugIn)

Jörg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Wed Feb 6 09:36:05 CET 2013


Chapter 14 of the book "The Oberon System, User Guide and Programming's Manual" explains handling with texts, buffers, readers, writers and scanners.

  s: Texts.Scanner;
  t: Texts.Text;
  w: Texts.Writer;

  Texts.WriteString(w, CmdLine.text);

  t := TextFrames.Text(""); 
  Texts.Insert(t, 0, w.buf);

  Texts.OpenScanner(s, t, 0);


On 04.02.2013, at 00:10, "Oleg N. Cher" <allot at bk.ru> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I've two questions for you, please.
> 1. There is this module (in OPCL):
>    IMPORT Kernel32, SYSTEM;
>    CONST
>        length* = 1025; (*Windows 95 limit is 1024*)
>    VAR
>        text*: ARRAY length OF CHAR;
> END CmdLine.
> After initializing, it gets and made available the all characters of 
> Win32 command line.
> How can I attach this text data to Texts.Scanner (to scan it with help 
> of Oberon scanner)? And without saving the text to File.
> I can create Buffer (Texts.OpenBuf) and put the text here 
> (B.WriteString). But I cannot attach this buffer to Scanner.
> Also I can create Texts.Reader, but then Texts.Text needs to be 
> specified (in OpenReader), and this type is provided only for work with 
> texts that are loaded (or saved) in filesystem.
> As I understand, attaching the Scanner to simple ARRAY OF CHAR is not 
> possible now. But I'm in doubts, I'll be glad to get your opinion.
> 2. Do I understand correctly that all fonts in the ETH Oberon system are 
> raster and have fixed size? How I can to proportionally increase the 
> size of all the fonts in the system for a laptop with a small screen?
> Thanks.
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