[Oberon] missing SYSTEM.ADR() in AOS for linux revision 5165

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 14:53:56 CET 2013

> I am having problem compiling this code with the latest AOS for Linux
>  revision 5165:

>  MODULE Test2;
>  VAR
>    a, n: LONGINT;
>    n := SYSTEM.ADR(a);
>  END Adr;
>  END Test2.
>  Test2.Adr ~
>  SystemTools.Free Test2 ~
 Compiler says: pos 93 undeclared identifier (selector)
>  There seems to be no SYSTEM.ADR procedure.
>  Why is SYSTEM.ADR in module SYSTEM absent?
>  It was working in AOS for Linux revision 5040.
I don't know how much AOS differs from ETHO, but this is how
you could debug it with ETHO:--
->     Watson.ShowDef SYSTEM  == no information about 'SYSTEM' available
So ETHO is *NOT* open & I don't like that !
Let's see if/what *.Mod calls SYSTEM.ADR
-> Find.Panel -> *.Mod   SYSTEM.ADR ==

        SYSTEM.ADR(NetBuffer[0]) + LONG(bufH-1)*bytesPerPixel*w);
        task.netFmt.unpack(task.netFmt, SYSTEM.ADR(netPixel[0]), 0, pix)
=?=> That looks strange:
 SYSTEM.ADR(NetBuffer[0])  has 1 arg;
 SYSTEM.ADR(netPixel[0]), 0, pix) has 3 args;

=> let's see if/what info is in:
-> Find.Panel -> *.Text  SYSTEM.ADR ==
Chapter2.Text == ...
The option \N instructs the compiler to generate native object files
which are not portable across platform boundaries. Therefore, the
option \N should be used only when writing an extension that uses
the non-portable module SYSTEM or the non-portable built-in SIZE
function. If garbage collection is suppressed with the option \g,
compilation runs faster but might not be completed if too much
memory or too many files are used. In this case, Oberon will trap.

GettingStarted.Text == ...
Support for low level programming through module SYSTEM.

Compiler.Tool == ...
        S       allow importing of SYSTEM  (on)  <-- ? perhaps
Now you tell me:
How big is the <AOS for Linux> install fetch ?
Is it a *tgz ?
What does it show for <System.Directory  *SS*> ?
What does it show for <System.Directory  *TLS*> ?

== Chris Glur.

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