[Oberon] A2 effort should not be lost/wasted.

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 12:24:30 CET 2013

The good features of A2 should not be lost to previous ETHO users.
When you try another OS after using S3/V4 for some time, it's like tying your
shoe laces wearing boxing gloves. We lose patience with the inferior HCIs.

While STILL seeking the code to <GetCharAtCursor> I was re-testing the 2008/9
CDs of A2 and reminded WHY I aborted use of A2: it can't write to ANY
of my IDEs.

Now I found that it will write to a NEW/unused USBstik; but later:
-> FSTools.Mount USB FatFS USB0#1~   ==
"volume was not properly unmounted; mounting read-only.
 Run Scandisk under DOS/Windows"

Why must ETHO/A2 allow itself to be dependent in Micro$oft ?!?

It's good that A2 has 're-introduced' EditKeys,
and <Macros> is a better title, if the name had to be changed.

I've lost the verbatim paste due to A2's problem of not being able to mount
non-<Micro$loth certified devices> but I remember the gist:-

< Macro needs to have the CURSOR placed before the char >
This is wrong. Does A2 not distinguish 'cursor' & 'caret' like ETHO does.

< Ctrl - Enter, where the CURSOR is over the M.P... >
This is right.  And it relates to the code that I'm seeking; which is apparently
 in the secret/hidden Display.Mod

There seem to be many interesting features in A2.
Perhaps if I d/l a recent version of *nix/A2 I'd escape the problem of not being
able to write to devices.

Did any body use A2's apparent TLS/SSL facility to do [non-http-based] gmail?

== Chris Glur.

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