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> The information about the led object can be recorded in it's attributes,
> however, it seems to me that in the microcontroller world this creates a
> lot of redundant information. The state of the pins are all registered in
> the microcontroller registers. Set and get methods can be directed
> directly to the registers and not to the objects. This is my argument why
> an object orientation with dynamic types is not necessary for micro-
> controllers.
> Maybe you have a better explanation and yes I've read Steps Beyond,
> Chapter 14 Oberon-2.

I agree with you. The real usefulness of object-oriented programming
techniques is when you need to make complex tasks simple - not to make
simple tasks complex.

For a better explanation read Hanspeter Mössenböck's book "Object-Oriented
Programming in Oberon-2". The foreword sums it up nicely:

"For, not all programs are automatically improved by merely recasting them
in an object-oriented style. On the contrary, the new method can only be
applied sensibly where complex data structures are present. It would be
unwise to prematurely discard the conventional view."

You can download a copy from:


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