[Oberon] Oberon loop and FPGA VGA

Bob Walkden bob at web-options.com
Thu Feb 28 00:40:12 CET 2013

> From: Frans-Pieter Vonck [mailto:fp at vonck.nl]
> > The Ceres workstation had a special key which interrupted the system
> > and returned control to Oberon.Loop.  It was detected in the keyboard
> > interrupt handler, Input.KBINT, and causes a Trap(24).  See Project
> > Oberon Ch. 9.2, pp.260-261 (PDF p.208).
> This was not what I meant.
> On page 33, Project Oberon"[..] unsafe background tasks are removed
> from the ring of ready tasks before reactivation, and are installed
> again only after successful return. Consequently unsafe tasks are
> eliminated automatically after failing. This is an effective precaution
> against cascades of repeated failures."
> I find that intriguing - what is an unsafe background task?

see page 29.


> The question that comes to my mind - how did they verify the operating
> system. The answer I expect to get from behind the Alps is - "by
> elegant
> design".*
> Or is there something else? Can it be found in the brains of Olga or
> Horla ?
> Greets,
> Frans-Pieter
> *I have three Bernina's from the sixties and seventies and the they
> still sew perfect stitches. Prices of these machines were in the
> sixties 700 guilders. Back then the average income was 500 guilders a
> month. The average income in the Netherlands nowadays is 33.000 euro.
> That means, if you equal guilders with euros, a Bernina sewing machine
> now would have cost 3850 euro. Imagine, buying something that is more
> than a month worth of salery? In the sixties, a domestic machine. Now,
> that must be..... a flatscreen?
> You can find a sixties Bernina's on the secondhand market here for
> around
> 150 euro. And prices are rising.
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