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> If you want to use Oberon as programming environment for Arduino, you
> either need an Oberon cross-compiler to AVR RISC code (so the Oberon
> program runs natively on the Arduino) or you could use the Firmata
> protocol to control the Arduino.

There is a third possible option for Arduino and Oberon programming. If the
prime reason for choosing the Arduino is the ready availability of 'shields'
(i.e. hardware add-ons) you can use an Arduino pin-compatible development
board that has an ARM7 or Cortex-M3 microcontroller. E.g. the boards from

"Designed on the 32-bit ARM, the company’s three families provide full IEEE
754 floating-point support and offer the largest available selection of
Arduino Shield-compatible microcontrollers."

We provide source code examples and technical support for the use of Astrobe
for writing software in Oberon to target the Coridium boards that are listed



Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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