[Oberon] Massive power increase, from ETHO riding on *unix

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 11:31:23 CET 2013

Here's another simple little example:
 where/what's that file you were working on yesterday?

So you need the files of the relevant directory to be listed
in recentcy-order.  ETHO doesn't do that.

Years ago I investigated transforming the output of
   System.Directory  *\d
but the unfortunate choice of ETHO's time-format:
  InitLog     07.08.2012 12:07:07    610
  InitLog.Bak     07.08.2012 12:06:23    546
means you'd have to re-format:
  '07.08.2012' to '2012.08.07'
to be able to use ETHO's `sort` facility,
and that's after using RX to re-order the 4 fields to:
  2012.08.07   12:07:07 InitLog  610

Don't worry, of course *nix gives you
<show the most recent 10 [say] files-names, ordered
in recentcy>.

Just say: System.Execute <doIt>.
The actual *nix syntax is: `System.Execute ls -t | head`
but the syntax is not important.
You just have the instruction in your tool-box.

And if you need to see the sizes too, or any of the other
zillion options, *nix has got them all.
Just add them to your tool-box as you evolve and test them.

With ETHO on top of *nix, you've got the superior
HCI of ETHO with the FREE underlying support of *nix.

Not to mention the full range of device drivers
[How's ETHO/A2 for USBstik] and inet.
I can't get gmail [non-http] with ETHO yet.
Can A2 do it?   It needs TLS.

== Chris Glur.

PS. did I forget to mention, again, this applies to
ETH Oberon (2.4.3) for Linux x86
IMO the BAD format of Day.Month.Year should be
fixed; but NOT to US format.
We need to be prepared to fix errors, like the "_" in the
default font, and not work-around them, contunually.
OK!   I See the "_" IS fixed here in LEO.
And here's a little diversion related to the topic:
I want to see the *.Scn.Fnt of this text that I'm writing now.
Hex.Open ETHObjcts shows it, but won't allow me to
copy-paste it here. So let's see:
   System.Execute  head ETHObjcts
OK, `head` give the 1st 10 lines.
But ETHO's EOL does NOT qualify as a *nix EOL.
So it writes the whole ETHObjcts in a text frame,
all as ONE-line  --  wrapped.
And I CAN cut:
which tells about the fonts used in this frame.
Let's try another little trick:
 System.Execute  cat ETHObjcts | strings | fold
`strings` means show only ascii chars -- I think
`fold` means break the line at word-boundry @ linelen < X
Which shows me the file of THIS text that I'm now writing,
and would allow the infinite trick-set that *nix can do to it.

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