[Oberon] Oberon loop and FPGA VGA

Frans-Pieter Vonck fp at vonck.nl
Thu Feb 28 00:25:06 CET 2013

> The Ceres workstation had a special key which interrupted the system and
> returned control to Oberon.Loop.  It was detected in the keyboard
> interrupt handler, Input.KBINT, and causes a Trap(24).  See Project Oberon
> Ch. 9.2, pp.260-261 (PDF p.208).
This was not what I meant.
On page 33, Project Oberon"[..] unsafe background tasks are removed from
the ring of ready tasks before reactivation, and are installed again only
after successful return. Consequently unsafe tasks are eliminated
automatically after failing. This is an effective precaution against
cascades of repeated failures."

I find that intriguing - what is an unsafe background task?

The question that comes to my mind - how did they verify the operating
system. The answer I expect to get from behind the Alps is - "by elegant
Or is there something else? Can it be found in the brains of Olga or Horla ?


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