[Oberon] ethernet-working to use ETHOs facilities

peasthope at shaw.ca peasthope at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 27 17:35:32 CEST 2013

>  since you have experience with Debian & networks [ethernet],
> you could advise me.
> An extract from a Debian/RaspberryPi user is:---------
> # # Run "apt-get install mc fbi ghostscript links mikmod gpm
> # mpg123 music123" as root using sudo or other method
> # Reboot

I've never seen a live RaspberryPi.  Only photos and comments 
in emails.  Anyone using the machine will know more than I do. 
Nevertheless, I install Debian using the netbased CD only.  
The machine boots from the CD and configures a network connection. 
I deselect almost all optional "tasks" and finish installation of the 
most basic system with networking.  Then reboot and use aptitude 
to install the packages I want.  I only use apt-get where specifically 
instructed, as in installation of the iceweasel backport.
Debian has thousands of packages and only a small subset is needed 
to support AosLinux.

> ... forced to get my rPi on-line, instead of moving files to/from
> it by USBstik. 

The investment to make a network connection will be repaid with 
interest, multifold.

> What kind of cable must I buy, to connect them?
> Is it a 'cross-over' like a null-modem?

If you have a standalone router, an ordinary Ethernet patch cable 
will work.  If you have a Linux router computer, you might need a 
crossover cable connected to the Ethernet card.  I've read that 
some newer adapters auto-sense and cross the signals automatically. 
I have old adapters.

If the Raspberry pi has a USB socket and no Ethernet socket you 
should get a USB-Ethernet adapter.  I use Linksys adapters 
and one Belkin, all a generation old.  Can't recommend for the 
current market.

> Can you list the linux programs, needed to run, to set up the connection?

The net-install installer should take care of that.  No need to be 
concerned with details.  I'll speculate that the installer is put onto 
a USB store and the Raspberry is booted from it.  Google should 
find the instrctions.

> ... avoided ethernet up to now.

There is no substitude for good tools but they must be acquired 
and maintained.

Regards,                ... Peter E.

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