[Oberon] erroneous hiding procedures in programmer's text editor v2.1

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 01:34:45 CET 2013

>all one has to remember is that statements have to be
                 >  separated by semicolons.
If you think your job is to remember such trivialities,
which the syntax-aware-editor can do,
you'll join the billions of unemployable.
Here's some thing more complex:
Debian has a bad habit of putting-minus-in-identifiers, which our
algol family bans, because
consists of 5 tokens.
So, of course the new debian based USEnet group is:
So, I started modifying our USEnetHandler to ver N+1.
Then I vaguely remembered that our TokenScanner can handle
I think I posted a message with version N+1
 AND later ones with version N, usting "double quotes".

Now! The USEnet article/s show <fld at uni.bremen>: the email of
our LEO author. Which is bad. And I can't see where/why.
And you want me to remember the details about the semicolon?

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