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  while others will answer about Pipistrello, please also have a look at RiskZero.  I put the same W5500 on RiskZero as Joerg has mentioned, and precisely because I knew he worked on it. I hope that one day his work will be available. If not, then our former student implemented the W5500 software in C on RiskFive. It should be easy to port it to Oberon on RiskZero.

The website is www.RiskFive.com. This name was inspired by RISC5. I am now overhauling the entire website as I decided to add a low cost alternative to my former RiskFive board which is a bit pricey and quite complicated. RiskZero is much simpler. It is open hardware. I can build a batch of these boards, as discussed on the tab "Design files & cost". Feel free to do it yourself. As the prototypes have not been built yet, it is probably prudent to write the firmware first. I do not envision problems, but it is always good to check. Magnus (the Pipistrello creator) has kindly sent me the very rough draft which I have put on the website with his permission.

The web pages are a bit wordy on purpose. I plan to hire an intern, but the present COVID lockdown will make it hard to interact in person. So I decided to write down all that I would want to say. I will keep adding more topics to the website in near future.

The RiskFive section of the website is a bit moldy. I will clean it up at some point.

Thank you,

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Another solution is to use (at a very low cost) an ESP8266 or ESP32 to bridge on the net throug WiFi. This is the kind of solution used with The ULX3 board, see http://radiona.org/ulx3s/

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Pipistrello is a small FPGA-based board, with 1 MB of SRAM and 64 MB of DRAM and an HDMI output

I have it at home, run Oberon on it with more than 1MB and have a TCP/IP stack for this external board https://www.wiznet.io/product-item/wiz550io/


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   Dear Oberon-Mailing-Listeners

   I'm rather new in using Oberon (AOS/A2), nevertheless i found it to be very straightforward.
   Currently i'm writing a server app to read out smart electricity meters over tcp/ip and it works
   fine. Now i read about this "Pipistrello" - could anybody tell me what it is about - i'm looking for
   a device/box/board to implement an smart IoT-Node to enhance smart metering further to a smart grid.

   Many thanks in advance for any explanations
   Daniel Schmid

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