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> > Thanks.  It requires some dogged persistence and minimal intelligence.
> > In fact, ignorance is a benefit.  Less reliance on implicit knowledge.
> :-D
> Don't put yourself down. It's very valuable work.

I second that!

> > I'm afraid that much of the knowledge is held by fellas middle-aged
> > and older.  I'm hoping that some youngsters pick up the batton before
> > the knowledge is lost.
> I know what you mean. (I'm 52 myself.)

That puts you squarely into the category of 'some youngsters' around here ;-)

> I long to get into it and try hacking on it myself but as a new dad with a
> full-time job even under quarantine, there never seems to be time.

A new dad? Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you back here in eighteen years' time.

> I have mentioned Oberon in a few talks and articles I did in recent years,
> e.g.
> https://www.theregister.com/2015/12/02/pi_versus_oberton/
> It gets some interest -- people have never heard of it.

I enjoyed that article. However, I hadn't heard of 'oberton' then either, and still haven't ;-)

Do you happen to know 'Verity Stob'? 'He/She' used to write for .EXE magazine and then Dr. Dobbs, and now can be found on The Register. Some years ago I think I managed to identify who it really is but have forgotten now. 'His/Her' satirical/sarcastic sense of humour is right up my street. This is one of my favourite articles:

Thirteen Ways to Loathe VB:



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