[Oberon] Emulators

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Wed Jul 29 10:12:15 CEST 2020


Am 29.07.2020 um 07:23 schrieb Skulski, Wojciech:

> I downloaded it from
> Michael's github
> https://github.com/schierlm/oberon-risc-emu-enhanced/tree/master/DiskImage

That is my C emulator. The images there are not patched for the
JavaScript emulator, i.e. they won't find any SD card and therefore
won't get very far.

>  Then I started your emulator in Firefox by double clicking on the
> .html file. It displayed a menu bar. On the left side there was a
> menu item for loading the image. I selected Load..., navigated to the
> image, and selected by clicking. It displayed Loading... and nothing
> happened.

Instead go here:


In the emulator menu click "Save..."

The downloaded image should work in the JS emulator. It does in mine,
did not test Colby's.



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