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Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Wed Jul 29 07:23:18 CEST 2020


wonderful. I updated the Emulators page of RiskFive.com. Your emulator is now listed. I also downloaded the file and made it available on the RiskFive to provide a second source on the web.

I tried to run it under Firefox 52.9.0 (32-bit) under Windows XP as follows. I created a directory on my disk and put there your file and the .dsk file named Oberon-2019-01-21.dsk. I downloaded it from Michael's github https://github.com/schierlm/oberon-risc-emu-enhanced/tree/master/DiskImage

Then I started your emulator in Firefox by double clicking on the .html file. It displayed a menu bar. On the left side there was a menu item for loading the image. I selected Load..., navigated to the image, and selected by clicking. It displayed Loading... and nothing happened.

For completeness I tried loading the same .dsk into Michael's JS emulator by clicking on his emu.html (bypassing the web page index.html where I could not see the .dsk image). The starting page looks almost the same as yours. The effect is also similar: it displayed Loading... and nothing happened.

Tomorrow I will try the same on Windows 10. 

Thank you,
From: Colby Russell [oberon at x.colbyrussell.com]
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2020 7:24 PM
To: ETH Oberon and related systems; Skulski, Wojciech
Subject: Re: [Oberon] [EXT] Re: Emulators

On 7/24/20 12:29 AM, Skulski, Wojciech wrote:
 > Colby:
 >   thank you for heads up. Having a portable emulator would be great.


It turns out, I found a copy of my old experiment to build the
in-browser emulator as a single-file "app", so it was easy to pick it up
and make few tweaks.

Here are two copies:

WS: You can right-click and "save as". You do not have to open it by double clicking.
(WS: snipped the other link.)

(If you try the first link, it will load the emulator directly in the
browser.  You'll have to manually save the file.  Unfortunately, if you
try to do that with Ctrl+S in Firefox or Chrome, it will mangle the
source code.  A workaround is to view the page source, and then copy and
paste that text into a new file ending with .htm or .html, e.g.,
emu.js.html.  Alternatively, the second link is the same file, but
renamed to .zip so it will automatically trigger a download for your
browser, rather than "executing" the emulator.  NB: Since this is not
actually a ZIP file, when you're prompted to download it, you should
remove the .zip extension before saving.)

Colby Russell

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