[Oberon] Emulators

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Wed Jul 29 17:23:39 CEST 2020

I transferred the files to Windows 10 and opened 200727-1854-emu.js.html in Chrome. The same behavior as under Firefox on Windows XP. The menu appears, but the disk image .dsk does not load. Both the .html and the .dsk are on a memory stick. So they are local.

I wonder if it has anything to do with file permissions or that the browser refuses access to the local .dsk file. If so then is there an option to let the browser open a file

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  just to make sure I downloaded the image Oberon-2016-04-18.dsk from the original PDW github. I chose the one different from yesterday to make sure it was not the image file corruption.

I put it into the same directory with Colby's JS file 200727-1854-emu.js.html. Double clicked on the html file. It opened in Firefox and displayed the menu "Select disk image...". I selected and the menu item changed to Loading... but the Oberon display did not open.

The rendition into the Firefox is working on this ancient Firefox. I can open your PNG images using your JS emulator loaded from my local disk (not from the web). Namely, I double click on your emu.html (bypassing the index.html). It opens a menu line just like Colby's. It looks identical. The same menu "Select disk image...". Under this menu there are all the PNG images *and* also the .dsk image because I added it to the JSON file. PNG images open. DSK image does not.

Summary about your JS emulator ran from the local disk:
  1. It opens the PNG,
  2. it does not open the DSK.
  3. You said (excuse me if I understood wrong) that it should open either format.

Summary about your Colby's emulator ran from the local disk:
  1. It does not open the PNG (I tried the one from your "DH Pages" directory on my disk),
  2.  it does not open the DSK.
  3. It expects the .dsk. This file extension is the only one on the list of extensions.
  4. The comment in the source said that it should open PDW format in two slightly different versions.


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