[Oberon] Re. batch job thread.

Jörg joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Thu Oct 8 18:22:53 CEST 2020

If I look at your request, you ask for TWO Unix/Linux mechanisms to be ported to OberonOS.
1) reading/writing from/to standard input/output
2) building a sequence of tasks by „piping“

Let‘s start with your requirement 2): running different commands in a sequence is not a functionality that the base Oberon OS offers. However both Andreas and Michael provided Oberon modules offering batch capabilities. We ourselves use these batching tools to automate the Oberon OS build process.

Coming back to your requirement 1). If you write an Oberon command like e.g. System.CopyFiles you have to carefully plan, how the input/output to your commands look like. Are the parameters numbers, strings, files, texts, viewers...
The Oberon OS offers basically three methods
- parameters are read directly following the command
- if the command is followed by an ^, the parameters are read from the mouse selection
- if the command is followed by a *, the parameter is the selected viewer.

If you plan to run different commands in a sequence and one command shall take input of other commands, the prefered method is to work with files. Mainly as the RAM on the original system is limited...

With Andreas‘ automating method your „Unix piping“ could look like this:

  WAV.FromText input.text => temp.wav ~
  MP3.FromWAV temp.wav => final.mp3 ~
  System.DeleteFiles temp.wav ~

> Am 08.10.2020 um 16:46 schrieb eas lab <lab.eas at gmail.com>:
> Sorry that I failed to reply to the existing thread via my intolerable,
> continualy updating [changing to screw the captivated public] M$pook
> mailer.
> ---------
> What about extending [AFAI understand this] to chaining the data thru
> various stages; eg. instead of just having each stage write a TextFrame
> which is MANUALLY marked for input to the next stage.
>   *nix scripting needs only a few lines to use existing <functions> to:
> <TextToMP3(TextFile, MP3File) == described in natual language:
>  remove "[<digits>]"
>  replace <these absurd 3-bytes> with corresponding single/dbl:quotes 
>  <other clean text fuctions: each via CHAIN input to output
>  Input to existing TextToWav function
>  Chain to existing WavToMP3
>  Chain to final destination file.
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