[Oberon] Re. batch job thread.

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Thu Oct 8 16:45:44 CEST 2020

Sorry that I failed to reply to the existing thread via my intolerable,
continualy updating [changing to screw the captivated public] M$pook
What about extending [AFAI understand this] to chaining the data thru
various stages; eg. instead of just having each stage write a TextFrame
which is MANUALLY marked for input to the next stage.
  *nix scripting needs only a few lines to use existing <functions> to:
<TextToMP3(TextFile, MP3File) == described in natual language:
 remove "[<digits>]"
 replace <these absurd 3-bytes> with corresponding single/dbl:quotes
 <other clean text fuctions: each via CHAIN input to output
 Input to existing TextToWav function
 Chain to existing WavToMP3
 Chain to final destination file.
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