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Ivan Denisov d.ivan.krsk at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 05:18:55 CET 2020

Dear Pablo

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

> I've been checking some of your codes with animations in your user. 
> Are there other registered users to check their codes too?

You can find some users and models published in Russian-language page 

+ Dmitriy Shalygin  https://visual.sfu-kras.ru/d_s__

+ Valery Shipkov  https://visual.sfu-kras.ru/prospero78su

+ comdiv made speed test with sort algorithm 

+ Dmitriy Dagaev made some classic logic study games 

+ kreofil is one professor from my university 

        he made "First Decision of Eight Queen Task" 

There are also some pupils accounts, who studied programming.

> I wonder if it is necessary to have an initial module, is it because 
> of JavaScript translation?

There should be some enter point to start execution. So we decided to 
call this module Init, as it is done in BlackBox.

> How can we add more framework programs?

I would keep framework as minimal as possible. However if you have 
ideas, how to improve it, please share with me. You can add additional 
modules to your project. There is "Add module" button under the coding 
form. I also will work on the idea of personal frameworks. So you will 
be able to have common modules for several projects.

> Have a tutorial or FAQ for the system?

Not yet, I am working on this. There are documentation for basic 
modules: Log, Strings, Math. It is loading in the editor then you press 
"Docu" link.  Now I am working on Draw documentation.  Plot and Forms 
modules are on the way.

Best regards,

Ivan Denisov

> It is wonderful to have an Oberon programming environment online.
> Best regards,
> Prof Pablo Cayuela
> Argentina
> El dom., 25 oct. 2020 23:11, Ivan Denisov <d.ivan.krsk at gmail.com 
> <mailto:d.ivan.krsk at gmail.com>> escribió:
>     Dear Oberon community members,
>     I making website with abilities of making Oberon programs online.
>     There is one simple example:
>     https://visual.sfu-kras.ru/model/60
>     Several modules are also supported:
>     https://visual.sfu-kras.ru/model/253
>     The aim is to make simple framework (now there are six modules) for
>     making interactive simulations and teach programming in Oberon.
>     Please, use this website free for your own teaching purpose or for
>     spreading some science knowledge.
>     Best regards, Ivan Denisov
>     Siberian Federal University
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