[Oberon] UEFI

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Wed Nov 25 21:02:32 CET 2020


Am 25.11.2020 um 06:33 schrieb eas lab:

> My problematic/el-cheapo: $US190 [connex L1470 14inch laptop; 4-core
> Atom] NOW shows 3 boot selections:
>   windows Boot Manager
>   UFI: Buily-in EFI Shell
>   Enter Setup

Nice :)

> That's after <power on> & F7.
> I had previously done <Setup>, which normal/non-tech users would/could
> NOT do. Re. EFI shell: do we want to learn *ANOTHER* language to
> support M$hit's abusive monopoly ?  It looks like:---
>   Shell>  ...

The language is quite primitive, even simpler than cmd.exe. Builtin
commands are borrowed from either bash (like ls, mkdir or cd) or Windows
cmd (like ver or vol, or using "drive letters" like fs0:).  Yet the most
important features like output redirection are supported. What set me
off at the beginning: The output redirection characters > < | need to be
their own word (delimited by whitespace) to work.

> I can't find my TutorialNotes <to `less` their help menu>.

At least you found the help command. The version I have shows as last
line of the help text (scrolling by) to run "help -b" to enable the
pager. If yours does not, maybe it is supported anyway? The pager does
not allow scrolling upwards like "less" does, but it is good enough to
read help pages in the system itself.

If you need more "less" than the builtin pager and have at least one
writable filesystem (e.g. the EFI system partition or a FAT32 partition
on an USB key) you can also do:

help > help.txt
edit help.txt

Cursor keys work in the editor as expected.
Help for the editor with Ctrl+E (shown in the last line for me), exit
the editor with F3.



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