[Oberon] [EXT] Re: all in one git tree

D EMARD vordah at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 10:19:29 CET 2020


Thanx about the explaination of usage of "pope" in
linux vs oberon community, it makes it better visible.

It is also good point if the merging hasn't already been done,
git by itself will not unity, it's provides just a tool.

When big community = linux has too much incoming code traffic from developers
and only a single branch then they need to avoid chaos. It has to be
done by somebody = pope and he needs to reject as much as possible of
bad code in order to let good code survive.

There are even more restrictive communities like "openocd" if somebody
ever commited even a simple patch to them, he will know what do I mean
and never do it again.

I'd say oberon is much smaller and developers are rare, so more liberal.
acceptance can be applied. Especially with multipe branches so every
developer can be "boss" of his own branch.

Duty of maintainer of small repository like oberon should be very little,
usually he gets mail, and clicks to purple button "merge" if coming from
known good developer.

Changes should be reviewed as additional proofreading, for example
to reject mistakenly attached compiled binary, parts of ms$windows,
deletion of some important source file and similar.

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