[Oberon] all in one git tree

Joerg joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Fri Dec 25 10:40:53 CET 2020

> This way changes will be mergeable back to official tree.
> Having branches, development if needed will be seprated.
> It is expected that sooner or later one branch will become
> preferrable and will contain all features of neighboring branches.
How does github handle different programming languages like C, cpp, Lisp, Fortran ...?
How does github handle different operating systems like Linux, Android, Windows...?

In the „Oberon world“ there are THREE orthogonal dimensions in development
a) one is the way you might know: extend a project (like a Linux kernel) and stick to the same language (For Linux it’s most probably C needing a compiler like gcc)

b) The second dimension is: add/delete/change the programming language features. You need the right compiler being able to compile the source code. Moving source from a) to b) typically involves some „porting“ effort. In some cases simple „merging“ can do the job.
Oberon-2, Oberon-07, ActiveOberon sources fall in this category.

c) the third dimension is changing the OS API. A source does not only need the right compiler but needs the right OS environment to be compilable. Depending on the OS features added/changed, moving code from a) or b) to c) involves heavy porting or minor porting effort. System3, V4, A2, PO2013 fall in this category.

Please advise how these three dimensions should be handled best with git.


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